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Become a Home Owner, Regardless of Your Past Credit History!

become a home owner
become a home owner

Welcome To Our Buyer’s Program! You Can Own Your Dream Home Today!

We are local real estate investors and we have exciting information for you! Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and flushing rent money away month-after-month and become a home owner right now. Imagine – a home of your very own…a garage, fenced-in yard and the satisfaction that owning a home of your own can bring. Not to mention – comfort for you and your family! Just call: 612-454-0067!

Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Buyer Program Work?

It’s simple.  Select a house listed from our inventory.  You lease your new home from us with the exclusive right to purchase it at a later date.  Our tenant-buyers love our program because it gives them the time they need to save up for a larger down payment, clean up past credit problems and sell another home. All of your down payment money is credited toward the purchase price of the home at closing.

What happens when I apply for a home?

Here is a summary of our process:

  • Complete an application & pay an application fee.
  • Once an application is approved, we will review options with you to purchase a home.
  • If an agreement is made, we’ll collect your down payment and first month’s rent.
  • If required, you will be referred to a credit repair program to help get you mortgage ready.
How long does the process take?

The faster you can provide us with all the information that we need. the quicker you can move into a home.

What are my out-of-pocket costs?

There is an application fee to qualify you.  Other costs, such as the down payment and rent will vary depending on the home.

How can I buy a home when I have bad credit?

You can’t through conventional lenders, but we might be able to help. Through our Buyer Program, you can improve your chances of qualifying to purchase a home by paying your rent on time and using the leasing period to save addition funds needed for your down payment. Your ability to ultimately purchase the home of your choice is important to us. For those with less than favorable credit condition, you will be required to participate in a credit repair program.

Do I have to ‘qualify’ for this program?

In order to qualify for this program, you have to be employed with a steady income, have the ability to pay required monthly rent & utilities, participate in required Credit Repair program, have a strong desire to own the home you lease, and be able to afford the down payment.

I am renting now. How is this different?

This is a way to help you get started toward BUYING your own home. Depending on the option you choose to purchase your home, all of your down payment could be credited towards the purchase of the home at closing.

How much money do I need for a down payment?

We do our best to be flexible with your down payment. It will also depend on the home you choose. The more you put down, the less you’ll have to save to qualify for a traditional mortgage at the end of the lease terms.

What other methods of down payment are accepted?

We think outside the box in an effort to help you raise the funds you need – consider selling big ticket items like a boat or RV to raise funds.

How long is the Lease Option period for?

Each property is treated individually and terms are established based on down payment and credit worthiness.

Is the price of the home established in advance?

The exact price of the home is decided at the time you sign the Lease Agreement and is not affected by the local market conditions.

Who pays the property taxes and insurance during the Lease Purchase period?

We, as the owners of the property, are responsible for the property taxes and insurance during the lease period.

Got Questions About Becoming a Homebuyer Through Our Unique Buyer Program?